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Food Service

The Difference Between High-Risk and Low-Risk Foods

Every food handler should know the difference between high-risk and low-risk foods to ensure you're keeping food safe.

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Alcohol Service

How Medication And Other Drugs Affect Intoxication

Learn how medication and other drugs affect intoxication levels, along with common signs of drug intoxication, to know when to stop or refuse service.

Alcohol Service

What Are Acceptable Forms of ID?

Learn the valid IDs, along with their required features, an alcohol server or seller can accept when checking if a person is of legal drinking age.

Alcohol Service

What Does the Liquor Authority Inspect?

The liquor authority can inspect a licensed business at any time during business hours. Learn what agents look for, common violations and penalties.

Alcohol Service

What Is An Alcohol Server Certificate?

An Alcohol Server Certificate shows a person is trained in the safe service of alcohol. Learn more about alcohol server training.

Alcohol Service

How to Apply for a Liquor License

A liquor license is required to sell or serve alcohol. Here’s what alcohol service businesses need to know when applying for a liquor license.

Alcohol Service

Why is Alcohol Server Training Important?

Alcohol server training helps limit the negative impacts of alcohol. Learn why alcohol servers should complete training and get their certificate.

Alcohol Service

What Are My Responsibilities As An Alcohol Server?

Alcohol servers must make sure their customers are drinking responsibly. Learn more about your responsibilities to ensure the safe service of alcohol.

Alcohol Service

What You Need to Know About California’s Alcohol Service Laws

Do you know your legal responsibilities as an alcohol server or alcohol seller in California? Make sure your business is following the requirements.

Alcohol Service

Everything You Need to Know About RBS Certification

RBS Training and Certification is required for all alcohol servers in California starting July 1, 2022. Here's everything you need to know.

Alcohol Service

Tips for Safely Stopping Alcohol Service

Use these important tactics to help de-escalate potentially dangerous situations when stopping alcohol service to intoxicated customers.

Alcohol Service

6 Techniques For Checking ID

Ensure you don’t serve minors by using these 6 techniques on how to spot a fake ID. Learn everything you need to know about properly inspecting an ID.

Alcohol Service

Myths vs. Truths About Sobering Up

Learn more about the common myths associated with sobering up, and if these techniques actually remove alcohol from our bodies faster.