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The Difference Between High-Risk and Low-Risk Foods

Every food handler should know the difference between high-risk and low-risk foods to ensure you're keeping food safe.

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Food Handler How-To: Safely Handle Ice

Like food, ice is at risk for contamination, which can make your customers sick. If you're a bartender or food handler, learn how to handle ice properly.

Food Service

Food Handler How-To: Handle Poultry Properly

Learn how to properly handle poultry in a commercial kitchen so you can keep customers safe.

Food Service

6 Reasons Why Food Handler Training is a Must

Food handlers must be trained in food safety. Here are six reasons (of many) why.

Food Service

What are High-Risk Foods?

Learn about high-risk foods, what makes them potentially hazardous and how to properly work with them as a food handler.

Food Service

Food Handler How-To: Frozen Food Handling

Learn how to properly handle frozen food in a food business.

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Food Service

Food Handler How-To: Wash Produce Properly

Learn how to properly wash fruits and vegetables to ensure food is safe and prevent foodborne illness outbreaks.

Food Service

5 More Things Food Handlers Should Never Do

Food handlers are responsible for preparing and serving food that is safe for consumption. Here are five things a food handler should never do.

Food Service

What Is a Food Handler Card?

Also known as a food handler certificate and a food handler permit, learn why this card is important for anyone in a food-handling role.

Food Service

5 Things a Food Handler Should Never Do

Food handlers have many responsibilities when it comes to food safety, but there are some things food handlers shouldn't do.

Food Service

Responsibilities of a Food Handler

Food handlers have multiple duties & responsibilities to their customers & food establishment. Find out your responsibilities as a food handling employee.

Food Service

Food Safety in a Food Business: Who is Responsible?

Different roles within a food business have different food safety responsibilities. Ensure you know your responsibilities with food safety.