What Is An Alcohol Server Certificate?

What Is An Alcohol Server Certificate?

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An Alcohol Server Certificate, required in certain states, shows a person is trained in the safe service of alcohol.

An Alcohol Server Certificate is awarded to individuals after they complete an alcohol server training course. Employees of a licensed business, such as alcohol servers, alcohol sellers, bartenders and their managers complete alcohol server training because it gives them the knowledge to be able to serve alcohol responsibly while protecting their customers and community.

Alcohol server training covers a variety of topics related to alcohol service, including:

  • the positive and negative effects of alcohol in the community
  • how alcohol consumption affects the body
  • laws and regulations related to alcohol service, including the responsibilities of the liquor authority, law enforcement, licensed businesses and their employees
  • helpful tips for alcohol servers, such as how to spot the signs of intoxication, how to check ID and how to stop service

Why is alcohol server training important?

While drinking alcohol can be fun and enjoyable, alcohol consumption also poses a variety of health and safety risks. Not only can excessive drinking lead to health risks such as alcohol poisoning, cancer, alcoholism and cirrhosis, it can also lead to accidents, injuries and crimes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that over 10,000 people are killed in the United States each year because of drunk drivers, and excessive drinking is the cause of over 95,000 deaths per year. All of these factors impact the number of calls that police officers, paramedics and the fire department must respond to.

Alcohol servers and bartenders play an important role in protecting their community from the negative impacts of excessive drinking by ensuring their customers are drinking responsibly. What’s more, licensed businesses and their employees must follow alcohol service laws and can be held legally responsible for alcohol related incidents such as overserving customers, serving alcohol to minors and accidents caused by overserving.

Depending on the incident, employers and staff can face administrative penalties such as fines and suspension/revocation of the business’s liquor license, or criminal offenses punishable by fines or jail time.

Being an alcohol server or bartender comes with important responsibilities related to protecting staff, customers and the general public. Alcohol server training provides employees with the tools needed to do their job effectively, and helps ensure the long-term health of the licensed business.

Who needs an Alcohol Server Certificate?

Alcohol Server Certificate requirements vary by state. Licensed business owners and managers should be familiar with the laws and regulations related to alcohol server training in their area and ensure the business meets the requirements. Examples of Alcohol Server Certificate requirements include:

  • All alcohol servers employed at a licensed business must have a valid Alcohol Server Certificate.
  • A manager with a valid Alcohol Server Certificate must be on premises during all hours that alcohol is being served.
  • Alcohol servers must renew their certificate every 3 years.

If the liquor authority discovers that a business does not meet the Alcohol Server Certificate requirements in their area, the business can face administrative penalties. In certain states, a business can also get a reduction in their insurance premium if they get staff to complete alcohol server training.

While requirements vary by state, we recommend that all staff at a licensed business who are responsible for selling or serving alcohol, along with their managers, complete training and obtain their Alcohol Server Certificate. By ensuring that staff are trained in alcohol service best practices, you are protecting your customers, along with your business, from alcohol service hazards that could have very serious consequences.

Can you get your Alcohol Server Certificate online?

Yes! Userve’s Alcohol Server Course is 100% online and designed to provide students with flexible learning options. Get the training you need and complete it at your own pace, while knowing that you’re acquiring the tools and knowledge to be confident you’re serving safely.

We also provide state-specific training so you can be sure that the training you or your staff receive is compliant with your state’s requirements. Find the Alcohol Server Course for your state and get started with Userve today!

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