Myths vs. Truths About Sobering Up

Myths vs. Truths About Sobering Up

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Is there a proven way to get sober, faster? Let’s debunk some common myths about sobering up.

It takes about one hour for your liver to remove the alcohol of a standard alcoholic drink from your body, but is there a proven way to speed up the process? We’ve all heard of some techniques to “sober up quicker,” or perhaps even tried them ourselves — but do they actually work?

As a bartender or alcohol server, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your customers are enjoying alcohol safely and responsibly. Ensure that they aren’t taking any shortcuts when it comes to sobering up. Learn more about the common myths associated with sobering up, and whether these techniques actually flush out the alcohol from our bodies faster.

Common myths about sobering up

Myth: Drink lots of water to make the alcohol leave the body faster

Truth: While you may get rid of lots of liquid with this method, only a small amount of alcohol actually leaves the body when you go to the bathroom. However, drinking lots of water is still a good idea since it will keep you from getting dehydrated!

Myth: Drink coffee or energy drinks

Truth: Having caffeinated drinks could help make you feel more alert, but they won’t remove the alcohol from your body or help you sober up.

Myth: Throw up the alcohol

Truth: Vomiting will help empty any alcohol that’s still in your stomach. However, it won’t help you sober up because this method won’t get rid of any alcohol that’s already in your bloodstream.

Myth: Eat fatty or greasy foods like cheeseburgers and fries

Truth: Although eating can help slow the movement of alcohol into the small intestine, it doesn’t actually help you sober up because it doesn’t remove any alcohol from your bloodstream.

Myth: Take a cold shower

Truth: The cold water may temporarily make you feel more awake and alert, but taking a cold shower won’t remove any alcohol from your body.

Myth: Sweat out the alcohol

Truth: You might try to ** sweat out the alcohol by hitting the gym, going for a run or even steaming in a sauna. This technique won’t help you sober up because the alcohol is in your bloodstream, not in your sweat. More importantly, working out or hitting the sauna can be dangerous when you’re intoxicated because it could make you even more dehydrated.

Myth: Sleep it off

Truth: Sleeping can help you feel more rested or alert, but the act of sleeping doesn’t make you sober up faster. However, sleeping does gives the liver more time to process the alcohol in your bloodstream.

The only proven method

Time is the only scientifically proven method of sobering up. As mentioned, it takes approximately an hour for the liver to break down the alcohol of a standard alcoholic drink. Taking shortcuts that don’t actually make you sober can lead to serious consequences, including accidentally hurting others while still intoxicated.

As an alcohol server, alcohol seller or bartender, it’s important that you know the techniques people may use to drink alcohol in an unsafe manner. Be familiar with the methods above so that you’re prepared to spot the signs of unsafe alcohol drinking.

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